Impact Fitness

A better looking approach

The term 'Fitness' is for everyone. Therefore, our challenge is to revolve around designs that can attract the masses while keeping the essence of a gym. The dilemma is that people are attracted to fitness but mostly hate to sweat or can not convince themselves that they need to find some time for themselves.

These are two different edges that contradict each other because whether we can make it eye-catchy without showing the effort by making it glamorous and trigger the audience's desire OR we can offer the reality.

We opted to motivate our audience by showing them ease without emphasizing the required effort but steady growth process.


A realistic approach that doesn't tempt the audience but communicating a message that should be the desire.

Idea & Concept

We focused on reducing the feel of a gym and heavy lights. Our motive is to show the doing attitude with a smile.


Our design is creatively intense, enhancing the feel as we use in-motion images rather than showing the best bodies only with heavy lights.